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Master the Language of Money

I'm here to teach you how to keep score within your business.  If you know the score - you know if you're winning!!

Individuals & Families

  • Take Control of Your Money

  • Learn how to Invest

  • Create Multiple Streams of Income

  • Protect Yourself

  • Eliminate Shame Around Money

  • Teach Your Entire Family About Finance

  • Curriculum For Your First Grader to Your College Student

  • Keep Finances From Becoming a Marital Issue

Kids & Teens

  • Teach Your Children the Language of Money

  • Help Your Children Become More Money Aware

  • How to Teach Your Children to Spend, Save, and Give

  • The Types of Accounts to Set Up for Your Kids & Teens

  • How to Save for College

  • Pitfalls to Avoid

  • How to Teach Kids to Invest

  • Educate Your Kids About Credit

  • Fun Resources for Your Children to use to Build Their Knowledge

Behavioral & Personality Finance

  • Learn How Your Personality Impacts Your Finances

  • Explore Why Your Childhood Might be Giving You Unhealthy Money Behaviors

  • Learn How to Manage Your Personality Disorders in Relation to Your Finances

  • Discover Your Money Personality Type

  • How to Overcome Shame Around Your Finances

Businesses & Entrepreneurs

  • Confidently Answer the Question, "Am I Protected?"

  • Learn to Evaluate Risk

  • Discover How to Invest Profits

  • Cash Reserves for Business Owners

  • How to Handle Book Keeping

  • Discover the Right Retirement Plans

  • Determine Where You Might Be Throwing Money Away At

  • Discover Business Processes

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