Are You Ready to Change Your Small Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine?

Have you recently started a new business? Not to frighten you, but, according to Small Biz Trends, only 40 percent of small businesses are profitable while 30 percent break even and the rest are continually losing money. And you know the biggest reason why small businesses fail? Cash flow problems.

As entrepreneurs, we're always focused on running our businesses and we often forget that our company's finances are the backbone of our profit-generating machine. Unfortunately, no matter how good you are at your specialty, you can't create a profitable business without knowledgeably running the finance portion of your company. If you don't have the budget to hire on someone full time to manage this (and most entrepreneurs don't), you may find yourself in a bit of a quandary.

That's why we decided to do something to help. Our Wealthy Entrepreneur program is made up of diligently designed short videos that will save you time and increase your finance knowledge daily. Here is what you will get when you join:

Live Video Calls

Once a month, founder Patrick Tucker will go live to answer personalized questions and offer tips on understanding the language of money, how to manage your cash flow in comparison to your expenses, and information on bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and much more. With almost 20 years of experience in the financial industry and as an entrepreneur himself, Patrick has the experience and training to help you transform your business.

Fresh Monthly Content

We are passionate about helping you achieve your financial goals. We've created this course to be a living, breathing organism that is constantly evolving. We encourage all our participants to ask questions during the videos and interact with the community. Our team is always available to answer questions and we will address new topics as they arise with our written content.

Tips on Personal Finances

We don't stop with financial information for your business! We will address personal finance issues too. In the program, we talk about everything from how to stay out to debt to how to develop a healthy relationship with your spouse about money. We'll also talk about creating investment accounts, handling stock options, and how to prepare for retirement no matter where you currently are in your journey.

Member Participation

We believe that social learning is key. When you are a part of our program, you can network with like-minded couples and participate in live sessions with others who are passionate about learning. This is the most effective mastermind group you will ever be a part of and this comes FREE with your membership.

Are you ready to take your business and personal financial knowledge to the next level? Don't let another year go by without turning your business into a cash-generating machine and deepening your understanding of how to handle your finances and how to live a rich life in both the professional and personal realms. Join our Wealthy Entrepreneur program today to make 2020 your best financial year ever.