Creating Your "New Normal" as an Entrepreneur

As the country and business start to slowly get back up and running again, many entrepreneurs are excited to hit the ground running. However, no matter how much you or anyone else wants to get back to business as usual, the truth is that nothing will ever be exactly the same as it was. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. If you can take what you’ve learned from the pandemic and apply it to a “new normal”, your business – and your life – could improve dramatically post-COVID-19. Here are some tips on how you can make your new normal better than ever.

Learn What to Abandon and What to Continue

There are probably plenty of habits you’d like to abandon that you formed during the pandemic. Things like wearing your pajamas all day or eating ramen noodles for dinner five nights in a row are likely something you’ll give up with relief. However, not all habits should be that easily abandoned. Here is a couple you should keep.

Use of technology Many entrepreneurs have been forced to use technology they were unfamiliar with prior to the pandemic. Tools like Zoom and Slack were a life (and business) saver for many when they couldn’t conduct regular meetings. Now that you’ve learned these tools, you can continue to incorporate them into your business even when in-person meetings resume. The more comfortable you are with this type of tech, the easier it will be to expand your business and reach new customers.

Ongoing education You’ve likely had more downtime than usual these past few months. If you’ve used your time wisely, you’ve put more of a focus on ongoing education to make you a stronger and smarter entrepreneur. Even though you may start getting busier, don’t let learning fall by the wayside. Continue to take courses like our Finance School for Entrepreneurs, read business or motivational books that inspire you, and seek out information that makes you better informed and well-rounded.

Adjusting to Meeting in Person

Not having in-person meetings has given you time to perform valuable tasks like getting your business finances in order and focusing on new ways to grow your business. However, being isolated also means you’ve likely lost a few of your people skills. When you’re able to begin meeting customers, clients, and co-workers in person again, you might be a little rusty. You’ll also have to adjust to “new” rules of engagement, such as not shaking hands, sitting at a distance from others, and possibly even wearing a mask. It’s important to be compassionate and open-minded during this time. Not everyone you meet with will have the same beliefs or opinions as you do but it’s vital to respect others and put judgment aside.

Harnessing Mindset Shifts

Have you developed any mindset shifts during your time in isolation? Many have realized which people are truly important to them and how others in their lives took more than they gave. Now that you’ve realized how much those you spend time with affect you, you can use this knowledge to carefully monitor who you hang with. Other mindset shifts might include how you think about technology, how much you value your freedom, and the desire to get more involved in your community. Mindset shifts can lead you to new opportunities and areas of development, so pay attention to them and keep exploring them even as some normalcy resumes.

The world has changed, and changing with it is the only way to find a new normal that works for you. What have you had to change about your business due to the pandemic? Leave them below, I’d love to hear your examples!