Entrepreneurs: Kick More Ass by Having Yours Kicked

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Contrary to what you may be thinking about 2020, now is actually the perfect time to start or grow your business. While others are hibernating and hoping the chaos will pass, smart entrepreneurs are finding opportunities and capitalizing on ideas that will position them to succeed. If you’re one of these individuals, you know that investing in yourself is a smart way to boost your success. One of the ways to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur and kick more ass is to hire a coach or work with a mentor. Both can challenge you, keep you motivated, and help you stay on track to reach your goals. However, you need one who is willing to be honest and kick your ass when you need it.

How a Coach Will Kick Your Ass (In a Good Way)

To go out there and kick ass every day, you first need someone to keep your own ass in line. Here are some of the ways a good coach will help you stay on the right track.

By giving you clarity It’s common for entrepreneurs to fall so deeply in love with their own ideas or vision that they can’t see if it’s flawed. A good coach will take an objective look at what you’re doing and point out potential issues or problems. This helps you grow, evolve, and fix things before you waste unnecessary time and effort.

By making sure you execute on your strategy Some entrepreneurs love to strategize, come up with ideas, and plan out how their company is going to achieve explosive growth. But then they drop the ball when it comes to actually executing that strategy. A coach makes sure your idea doesn’t flounder when it hits the launch stage.

By keeping you accountable Are you following through on your to-do list? Performing the action items necessary to reach your goals? Being honest with yourself and true to your values? A coach can check-in and identify when you’re veering off the path or not living up to your promises and help you get back on track.

By pushing you beyond your comfort zone A strong inner circle consists of people to cheer you on and support you, but you also need those who can make you uncomfortable. A coach will tell you when you’re playing it safe and need to step up to create bigger dreams and play a more challenging game.

How to Choose the Right Coach to Kick Your Ass

All this sounds pretty great, right? But you need the right coach to do all of that effectively. As the self-proclaimed Profits Prophet, I know which types of clients I work the best with—and which I don’t. Not every coach is a fit for every type of entrepreneur (and some coaches don’t have any business being in the industry at all.) Here are some things to consider when choosing your coach.

Check out their experience How long have they been a coach? Do they have testimonials or reviews from past or current clients? What type of industries are the majority of their clients in and does the coach personally have experience working in that industry? Dig a little deeper into the coach’s education, work experience, and who they’ve coached in the past to determine if they’re able to provide the type of help you need.

See how compatible you are Just because a coach is highly educated or successful doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you. Take some time to meet with potential coaches either in person, virtually, or on the phone and chat about your business and goals. Ask questions and see how the coach answers them. Determine if you feel comfortable with them and if you’ll be able to be open and honest if you do start working together.

Make sure they have options for availability You should be able to talk to your coach on a regular basis and have options for ongoing meetings or check-ins. For example, I have a private Facebook group where I can interact with my clients as well as videos and virtual meetings and I’m always up for a one-to-one chat as well. Even the best coach is practically useless if you can never get in front of them.

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