How Young Adults Can Reflect and Reset for the New Year

How did 2019 go for you? Did you advance your career or deepen your relationships? Have some setbacks? Learn any helpful insights? As young adults begin creating their lives, they’ll undoubtedly have some turbulent years and it’s quite possible that 2019 was one of those for you. Whether you feel like you achieved many of your goals and are on the right track or that everything went off the rails in the past year, it pays to think back on it so you can make a plan to move forward.

Reflecting on the Past Year

You are the results of your thoughts and learning how to shape those thoughts so they serve you rather than harm you is a potent ally as you approach improving any part of your life. Here are some tips.

Focus on what went right

Though you’ll need to touch on the things that went wrong so you can make necessary changes, devoting the bulk of your time and attention to what went right will help you practice an abundance mindset and feel more optimistic about the past and the future.

Learn when to ask ‘why’ and when to ask ‘how’

When looking back on your year, you’ll likely find things that went right and things that…didn’t. Research has proven that asking ‘why’ things went right and ‘how’ things went wrong helps you capitalize on positive emotions and limit negative ones. When we ask why it triggers our emotional brain and lets us relish the feelings associated with our accomplishments. When we ask how it triggers our rational brains and helps us make adjustments without getting upset or dwelling.

Identify what you want more of

Once you’ve identified what went right, decide which of those things you want more of in the next year. Do you want to continue to make progress in getting your finances on track? Do you want to learn more lessons that help you improve your relationships? Put your energy into these areas of your life to encourage more of it showing up.

Resetting for 2020

Now that you’ve reviewed your year and worked on thinking about it in a positive and constructive way, you can turn to planning the next 12 months. Here are some suggestions.

Recharge your batteries

It’s tempting to hit the ground running in the new year, especially if you’re just starting in your career and want to make a name for yourself. However, it’s important to take some time to rest and relax before jumping back into the swing of things. Consider taking a vacation, spending some time alone or in silence to rest and relax or attending a motivational retreat to recharge.

Decide what to let go of

There were very likely things that were not serving you in 2019. These could be limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, or forays into business ventures that just didn’t work out. Make the decision to let go of what is not helping you or fulfilling you to make room for the new.

Understand it’s all about growth

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. When you look at setbacks or struggles as growth opportunities instead of signs that you’re failing, you have the right mindset to succeed. If you’re never in a position to fail, then you’re simply not challenging yourself enough. If you understand that obstacles are put in your way so you have a chance to find new ways to elevate yourself, you’ll be flexible and able to handle whatever comes your way.

As we close out the year, it’s important to spend some time reflecting and recharging so you can reset and be even better next year. Have questions about how to reflect or reset? Leave them below!