The Perks of Working with an Independent Financial Advisor

Are you a young adult who’s wondering if you should manage your finances on your own or work with an advisor? Or have you worked with an advisor from a large firm for years and are wondering if you should make a change? I’ve been an independent financial advisor for many years now, and the perks of both being independent and working with someone who is independent are many. I’d like to use this article to point out three of the most powerful reasons why you should consider working with an independent fiduciary.

Perk #1: Less red tape

Financial planners who are not independent have to deal with a lot of bureaucracy. From what they can publish on their social media to the appearance of their business cards, the red tape sometimes seems endless. When they’re constantly dealing with compliance issues, it gives them less time to focus on your issues and serve you the way you deserve. Instead of honing in on your unique situation and providing creative options, they’re saddled with asking for permission from others to conduct their business. An independent advisor doesn’t have to worry about this and can put the focus where it should be: on you.

Perk #2: More flexibility

The flexibility independent agents have to develop the right plans and strategies for you cannot be overstated. When your agent is independent, his or her service can be crafted to meet your unique needs instead of falling into a cookie-cutter model or designed to give their company the biggest commission possible. They can also be flexible to meet with you in a way that works best for your lifestyle. Want to meet in person and have a conversation? They can do that. Prefer to meet via Zoom or FaceTime? They can do that, too. The choices are endless for your independent advisor and this flexibility means a more personalized experience for you.

Perk #3: More emphasis on the relationship

When your advisor is independent, he or she can focus on developing a deep relationship with you. This means you not only benefit from advice on growing as an investor, but also from advice on growing as a person. A good independent advisor helps you create a financial legacy and manage your investments as well as deal with family discord and emotionally prepare for issues like children leaving for college. With this deeper relationship, you’ll trust your advisor more and have peace of mind that your finances – and other parts of your life – are in good hands.

Working with the right advisor can transform the way you think about money and help prepare you for a financially stable future. I encourage you to look to independent financial advisors who have the ability to give you the service you deserve. Have questions about independent advisors? Please leave them below!